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EGBA, 70's Jazz-Rock Fusion in it's Prime !

EGBA done Wasa Express style.
"Turtle Dance" from the "Jungle Jam" album 1976.
But here it's from a 2020 stream.

Also from the "Jungle Jam" album and the same stream

"La Firmeza"

Before me and Bjarne joined EGBA we started our career in the pit band for the musical
Two gentlemen from Verona. It wasn't exactly what we had in mind for the future
but it meant steady work, and income, for over 6 months.
My plan was to save as much dough as possible to be able to play ONLY jazz-rock
And if that meant cocking porridge on a stove in the cheapest possible hotel i could find.
Still, i DID have a little drum solo in the show while the leading lady did high kicks
in the air right in front of my kit.

Verona excerpt
Verona excerpt 2

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